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Protect Your Pets and Property · · ·

· Walk Your Dog on a Leash

Watch where your dog goes... even if your dog is on a leash, baited traps can be hidden just a few feet off your road. Traps are hidden behind logs, under brush and loose leaves and twigs on the ground, and in shallow edges of ponds and streams.

· Don't Let Domestic Animals Roam Your Property or Neighborhood

Traps can be legally set just feet from your property line or a common road and are "baited" with tuna, sardines, spam and animal parts that attract ALL animals.

· If Your Dog or Cat is Missing

He or she may be trapped and unable to come home or cry out for help. Don't delay! Hypothermia can start in just a few hours. Call your neighbors and ask about traps on their property. Walk through fields and woods and search for your pet.

Keep your cats indoors and your dog on a leash at all times. Click Here to read about what to do if you find an animal in a trap.

ENDTRAP: Vermonters for Banning Leghold Traps

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