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If You Find An Animal Caught In A Trap · · ·

If you find an animal caught in a trap placed on your property and it is still alive, call your local Animal Control Officer or the police immediately.

Take pictures and be there when the animal is removed.

Follow up with the authorities on what action will be taken against the trapper.

Traps are required to have the trappers name and address when laid on property that does not belong to the trapper.

If on your property, demand that the trap be removed immediately.

Do not attempt to free a wild or domestic animal by yourself. Get help. The animal may bite you or run away and die in the woods (even your own cat or dog).

A domestic animal caught in a trap should be taken to the nearest veterinarian and the pet's owner notified.

Some veterinarians will offer to end the animals suffering and torment.

Be humane - stop the pain.

ENDTRAP: Vermonters for Banning Leghold Traps

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