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  • Organize an information session in your community. EndTrap can provide a speaker to educate people about current trapping practices.

  • Collect donations for EndTrap. Funds raised will be used to purchase ads to increase public awareness of the inhumane leghold trap.

  • Assist EndTrap in organizing humane Vermonters in your area to educate the local community. about trapping and more humane trapping alternatives, and contact local public officials.

  • Letters, petitions and calls asking your legislators to support the Municipal Bills that would allow each town to regulate trapping and the Statewide Bill banning the use of body-gripping traps.

  • Distribute posters and petitions where you work, at your local schools, libraries, parent and civic organizations.

  • Send a contribution to help with the cost of community education, and helping Vermonters protect their pets or the loss of a pet from body-gripping traps. (Address at bottom of page.)

EndTrap also assists communities with non-lethal trapping of nusiance wildlife. Your support and generous contribution of money and/or time will make a difference and help stop the pain and suffering for the thousands of animals caught in the TOOLS OF TORTURE each year.

ENDTRAP: Vermonters for Banning Leghold Traps

Send us an email at endtrapinfo@gmail.com, or Click Here

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